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Want a quick and easy way to see all of the songs we've covered, organized alphabetically by artist? Click the "Song List" icon and check out our PDF with all of the songs and links to the videos on YouTube! This will be updated weekly so check back often!  Unfortunately our word processor wouldn't alphabetize by last name so refer to the artist's first name to find them. Enjoy!

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On November 18th in our home state of Florida many schools participate in an event called The Great American Teach-In. Adult volunteers in many different career fields come to the schools and give a presentation about what they do for a living. This is something our family has been involved in for several years. Of course this year covid has interrupted this fun day for the students, but the event is still being held virtually.  We thought it might be helpful for teachers if we posted a video on our YouTube page so any teachers or parents that wanted to show their students would have access to it.  If you click on the "Musicianship 101" icon next to this paragraph, you can download an informational Q&A flyer that goes along with the video content to pass out to students.  We hope this resource offers a personal look into a career choice that has been such a blessing for our family. 

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